Grognard Files host Dirk the Dice joins me at Derry and Toms to investigate Wizardry and Wild Romance, Moorcock's critical appraisal of the field of heroic fantasy/sword and sorcery .
Inevitably there's some salty talk, most of it from MM himself, and beverages are consumed via the D6 wandering stupid beer table.
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In search of Moorcock-tinged sonic experiences and the stories behind them we pack up and hit the road on a coast to coast trip across the USA to talk Mike, space rock and bleak electronica in the company of SÖNUS and Imrryr.

As usual we go off beam a bit.

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Our banner art and logo is by Simon Perrins. Follow him on Twitter.

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In the third and final part of our Moorcockian RPG triptych Rob (aka OldShabbyGamer), host of the Confessions of a Wee Tim'rous Bushi podcast, joins me at Derry & Toms to talk Moorcock, D&D, when a beer is not a beer, and Tolkien!


Graham, Neil and Norman also drop by to talk Stormbringer 3e, ploons, shit sailors & what would make our own ideal Moorcockian RPG.  It's a really Deep Fix.  No prizes for guessing who provides the soundtrack!

Tash is back in Derry & Toms as we embark upon an epic quest to the Jennithusian Continent to search for the perfect one-shit book!

Is it Mike Sirota's fourth Dannus opus, The Dark Straits of Reglathium?


We talk Sword & Planet fiction, how to ruin expensive spirits and reminisce about No Frills Value Cola Flavour Drink.

Rum features.

We're back in Derry and Toms and returning to Moorcock's influence and presence in RPGs in the company of Ralph Lovegrove, host of the Fictoplasm Podcast and designer of STORMHACK!

We talk Moorcock (obviously), gaming, podcasting and other bits n bobs, as well as Ralph's own take on the Moorcockian role-playing game... STORMHACK!

Find Ralph's gear at these links:


Appendix N and Cousins

Runequest's Appendix N

Old pal Robbo joins me in Derry & Toms to discuss the book from Pops that blew my mind into tiny pieces back in the early 80s, Sven Hassel's Wheels of Terror!  We look at the man himself, including the shroud of mystery around his history, the first part of the novel and it's horrific, bleak yet darkly humorous depiction of the impact of war, and whether this was really suitable reading for an 11 or 12 year old to move onto from the Doctor Who novelisations by Target Books.  We also talk Moorcock (naturally) and the impact growing up in the ruins of a war must have had on him.

We also probably add wargamers, military geeks and the people of Withernsea and Patrington to the list of people we've offended.

February 23, 2021

Spirits Burning w/ Don Falcone

We're back with another look at Moorcockian music, this time in the company of Don Falcone, captain of the starship Spirits Burning, long time collaborative portal for progressive and space rock projects involving luminaries from across the rock field, most recently Michael Moorcock himself with their last two albums being musical adaptations of the Dancers at the End of Time trilogy.
We talk Moorcock (obviously) and Don's influences and history as a musician and producer, as well as a few other bits n' bobs as we go.
The Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly continues with Chapter 10 and an unusual encounter (score and atmos again by @nand_soundtrax).

Loz is back as we conclude our look at the first volume in the psychedelic adventure of Corum, the Prince in the Scarlet Robe.


As usual our conversation veers around a bit, covering beers, rhubarb, hernias and just how much agency Corum has.  We also have a good think about what to cover next, roll some dice to decide, and get bowled over by the sheer quality of  @nand_soundtrax's journal soundscape! 

We delve into the worlds of Moorcock influenced music with the other-worldly Dungeon Synth of The Artist Called Elric, and the powerful METAL!!! of Corum, two faces of the Eternal Champion.

Gerard Arthur Connelly returns and gets his poor boots wet, with all new atmos and score by @nand_soundtrax

Elric and Corum's Bandcamp pages are: 



It's December 18th 2020, Michael Moorcock and Phil share a birthday AGAIN (weird right?) and, with the help of some friends, we celebrate a great day and take a look at Mike's Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Dorset Street Lodger.

In addition we consider the broad appeal of Moorcock and how it crosses some boundaries that in this strange day and age are often extraordinarily difficult to bridge, and we get to showcase some great music.

Happy birthday Mike and Phil!

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