We delve into the worlds of Moorcock influenced music with the other-worldly Dungeon Synth of The Artist Called Elric, and the powerful METAL!!! of Corum, two faces of the Eternal Champion.

Gerard Arthur Connelly returns and gets his poor boots wet, with all new atmos and score by @nand_soundtrax

Elric and Corum's Bandcamp pages are:





It's December 18th 2020, Michael Moorcock and Phil share a birthday AGAIN (weird right?) and, with the help of some friends, we celebrate a great day and take a look at Mike's Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Dorset Street Lodger.

In addition we consider the broad appeal of Moorcock and how it crosses some boundaries that in this strange day and age are often extraordinarily difficult to bridge, and we get to showcase some great music.

Happy birthday Mike and Phil!

On our first purely music focused show we talk Hawkwind with biographer and writer Ian Abrahams. We also muse on how notice boards on launderette walls can produce great results.

Also, Loz calls in to Derry & Toms to drink some traditionally stupid beers and reminisce about the days of yore, sleeping dogs and the Giantkind track Breakfast in the Ruins.

After getting caught between worlds and never managing to quite hook it up, through a radio link between Earths 2 and 5 we finally get it together to discuss Moorcock with comics luminary and 2000AD Script Droid KEK-W!
We talk Moorcock, The Rituals of Infinity, comics, Dark Judges, music and the disturbingly beautiful art of Dave Kendall.
I continue to learn regarding online recording, with mixed results.
Gerard Arthur Connelly gets his slippers wet.
As discussed on the show Jim’s Kickstarter for Urish’s Horde – The Guide to Elric Collectibles is at:

Loz returns as we head up to the Roof Garden to ruminate over Corum's endless jawing with a slightly dubious sorceror in The Knight of the Swords Book Two.

Multiple varieties of pants are considered along with a couple of actually palatable beers. Progress I say!

October 31, 2020

Halloween Special - The Rats

It's Halloween, so Phil and I enjoy some spooky old fashioneds and engage with the horror of James Herbert's 1974 debut novel, The Rats!

It's got the lot. A creepy hero... out of order tramps... vicious critters... and an abundance of thigh references!



Finally, the Spheres align and Hussein and I manage, after ten months, to get it together and look at Phase Two of The Final Programme.
We talk about Mike's uncanny prescience, wrestling in Featherstone Library, and Hussein rags on sci-fi again. It's a fun time all round.
Also, GAC reaches the village of Treybach. Foxes may be abroad.
September 28, 2020

The Eternal Champion Part Three

We're back, and this time Phil joins me at Derry and Toms to conclude our coverage of The Eternal Champion.

Turns out Erekosë is just a horny jock. Who knew?

We also find that if you're being peer pressured into genocide you just need a bath, dinner and an intervention... it's just so relatable! 

We're back at Derry and Tom's and unfortunately so are the challenging porters.

REJOICE as we finally get around to covering Corum...

SIGH as we continue to fail to avoid weird beer...

DESPAIR as our energy levels dip in the second half...

GASP at chapter two of The Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly...

Phil, Loz and I celebrate an all too brief interlude in lockdown life to drink weird porters and muse upon Moorcock’s treatment at the hands of tabletop role-playing games.

Phil taunts us with her syrupy beer avoidance skills, two-man canoes get far too many mentions and Loz gatekeeps Moorcock RPG play (the rotter).

Also, The Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly debuts with chapter one.  There are 5 more to come (and if I don’t get pelted with rottent tomatoes I may write more).

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